Prize Program

The CCFNM provides prizes for children to help minimize the trauma of painful procedures, such as spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies, chemotherapy, and prolonged hospital stays.

Chemotherapy treatments and diagnostic procedures can be devastatingly painful to a child. Many children enter the CCFNM Clinic Office in tears and leave with a smile on their face after selecting a prize. It is absolutely amazing how much joy a simple toy or gift card valued at $10 can make on a day when everything else was not very much fun.

The Prize Program has been in effect since the inception of the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico in 1972. Its effectiveness can be seen in tears being wiped away and smiles on little faces as well as bigger faces.

Anyone who visits our clinic and sees the impact these small gifts have on the life of a child are ready to participate and give to this program.

Toy Wish Lists

Elijah – Age 5

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