Volunteers are the mainstay of the Children’s Cancer Fund. With limited staff, volunteers are essential to the continued success of CCFNM events and day-to-day operations.

Jackie Jaramillo, CCFNM Volunteer Coordinator

Meet Jeanette and Merlinda
CCFNM’s Longtime Volunteers

Jeanette Sanchez and Merlinda Belcher, Solicit Auction Items for the Erin Trujeque Memorial Gala Auction

Jeanette and Merlinda work tirelessly for months soliciting auction items for the Gala Auction and coordinating the retrieval of these items. They have procured tens of thousands of dollars worth of items that have been auctioned at the Erin Trujeque Memorial in July. They were honored in 2016 by the Mayor of Albuquerque for their volunteer efforts. Congratulations Jeanette and Merlinda and thank you for the generous gift of your time.

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