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Making a donation provides an immeasurable amount of support and resources to help our kids with cancer and their families. Any kind of contribution, is greatly appreciated. Every amount, no matter how large or small can make a huge difference in the life of a child with cancer. The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico helps families cope with the daily educational, emotional, and financial hardships they face after a childhood cancer diagnosis. On behalf of all our families, thank you!!

Chemo Care Bag Donation

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

School is not always easy for a child diagnosed with cancer. Long term absences and affects from cancer and its treatments can make learning difficult. Financial burdens as a result of a cancer diagnosis can make saving money for college extremely difficult on families. The Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship was established to assure that children who may not be eligible to receive other scholarship assistance or afford college would still be able to attend.
Please donate to help them achieve their dreams.

Donate to Erin’s Place

To discuss specific methods of donation, please contact our office at
(505)243-3618 or email us at

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