Renewal Scholarship Application

If you have previously been a recipient of the Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship and plan to attend school for the 2019-2020 academic year, please complete the information below in order to be considered for a scholarship from the Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please return this form by NO LATER than May 20, 2019 for Fall Semester and October 21, 2019 for Spring Semester.

Submit Applications To:

Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship
c/o Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico
112 14th St. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Fall Semester: May 20, 2019

Spring Semester: October 21, 2019


Checks will not be submitted until volunteer service hours are complete. Student must complete volunteer hours prior to the mail-out of scholarship checks. (July/Early August for Fall semester and December/Early January for Spring Semester). If hours have not been completed prior to these times, a student will not receive the scholarship for that semester.

You will be notified by email when your scholarship check has been sent to your school.  Please be aware that once checks are mailed, CCFNM has no control over how quickly money is placed in a student’s account.  Some schools process checks quickly and some do not.  CCFNM cannot contact the school to verify receipt.  If for any reason, CCFNM is contacted by your school regarding problems with your check, you will be notified.  Otherwise, please be patient and continue to check with your financial aid office.

Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico reserves the right to refuse to award a scholarship to any applicant for any reason.

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