The Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1989, the Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who have undergone treatment for childhood cancer in New Mexico and wish to continue their education beyond high school. Erin Trujeque died of cancer in 1985 at the age of 12.

School is not always easy for a child diagnosed with cancer. Long term absences and affects from cancer and its treatments can make learning difficult. Financial burdens as a result of a cancer diagnosis can make saving money for college extremely difficult on families. The Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship was established to assure that children who may not be eligible to receive other scholarship assistance or afford college would still be able to attend.

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  • jacob-olascoaga

    Jacob – Institute of America Arts

  • taylor-nunez

    Taylor – Eastern NM University

  • michael-ruberson

    Michael – University of New Mexico

  • aidan-haney

    Aiden – Duke University

  • kiley-goupil

    Kiley – University of New Mexico

  • nick-longenbaugh

    Nicholas – MIT

  • hunterwatson

    Hunter – University of New Mexico

  • nydiamartinez

    Nydia  РUniversity of New Mexico

  • MichaelMooney

    Michael – University of New Mexico

  • anthonydibiscegliecopy

    Anthony – CNM

  • ninanunez

    Nina – University of New Mexico

  • martinerives

    Martin – San Juan College

  • lesliehernandez

    Leslie – CNM

  • michaelortega

    Michael – University of New Mexico

  • ashleymartinez

    Ashley – University of New Mexico

  • kristonnicholson

    Kristen – University of New Mexico

  • joshuamares

    Joshua – CNM

  • tarynmccue

    Taryn – University of New Mexico

  • brentenspellbring

    Brenten – Texas Tech University

  • laurennuanes

    Lauren – University of New Mexico

  • tyelynnebegay

    Tyelynne – University of New Mexico

  • alecmartinezcopy

    Alec – University of New Mexico

  • shannonhamilton

    Shannon – NM State University

  • daniellandman

    Daniel – University of New Mexico

  • alyssabacacopy

    Alyssa – NM Institute of Mining and Technology

  • mariahmartinez

    Mariah – CNM

  • kaylaromero

    Kayla – Luna Community College

  • anitajimenezcopy

    Anita – NM State University

  • 28
    Students Received
    Scholarship in 2017

  • $97,300
    Awarded in 2017

  • $1.3 Million
    Awarded since 2006

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