Aaliyah is a freshman at Artesia Junior High School and recently attended the Special Olympics of New Mexico held in Albuquerque of this year, where she participated in track, basketball, poly hockey and softball. This is her sixth year attending and she placed first in softball (501) and received a medal of recognition. After her cancer diagnoses in 2015 , her family said she became extremely outgoing and motivated to win! She loves to dance, cook, color and always offers a smile filled with warmth


Neerja is a survivor of NF1, hydrocephalus, and two brain tumors. Despite multiple diagnoses, Neerja’s motto is to, “Never give up when times get rough-Keep going!” Neerja has many artistic pursuits, which include knitting, crocheting, wood burning, and glass etching. In addition to being a talented craftswomen, she is also a culinary and baking aficionado. Although her life was filled with many sports before her diagnoses, she has harnessed her energy into starting an online business, Neerja’s Creations, which features her artistic works. Neerja has been a business owner since 2017, and donates a monthly percentage of her all business profits to Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico.

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