Helping Hands Program

The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico exists to help children and their families cope with the day-to-day emotional, financial, and educational needs of living with and fighting cancer.

Through our Helping Hand Program, our goals are:

  • To ensure all families basic needs are being met by providing assistance with rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothing, and special needs based on each individual child.
  • To grant requests from families for basic needs as their child fights cancer.
  • To assist with medical needs through a gift from CHI St. Joseph’s Children.

Our Helping Hand Program touches many of our families and children in ways such as:

  • Gasoline Vouchers
  • Food Vouchers
  • Lodging Assitance
  • Car Repairs and Maintenance
  • Emergency Housing
  • Emergency Utilities
  • Travel expenses related to treatment
  • Toys and Gift Cards
  • Entertainment passes for families
  • Snacks and drinks at the hospital
  • Wigs
  • Counseling and Art Therapy programs
  • Scholarships
  • Funeral Expenses

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