Artist-in-Residence Program

CCFNM’s Artist-in-Residence, Angus Macpherson provides opportunities for children who are being treated for cancer to create and experience art. Angus offers ideas and inspiration as well as furnishes supplies for children to create art in a variety of ways while they are at the hospital. Angus works at UNMH on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Once a child begins to work on an art project there is often joy, humor, and feelings of accomplishment.

Angus Macpherson, Artist-in-Residence

Recent Projects

Coming Up Rosie:
CCFNM reached out to Coming up Rosie, a non-profit, who generously contributed 20 very nice art kits which have been available to our children. When they make a painting they can send a picture and choose a scarf, head wrap, or hero cape with their own art on it.

COVID Masks:
Angus facilitated the creation of COVID face masks featuring CCFNM children’s artwork. He designed the masks and had them printed onto cloth squares. Joan, a CCFNM volunteer whose quilting group provides beautiful quilts that are given to our children, then sewed 100 masks which were sold to donors. Each child whose artwork was placed on a mask also received one.

Albuquerque Art Showcase

Angus guided our talented children who were able to showcase their pieces at the Albuquerque Art Showcase and raise awareness for CCFNM.

2019 Space Mural Project

Space ships, space cars, space people, a lunar hospital, the first ever space art gallery, designed by patients in the CHILDREN’S CANCER FUND of NEW MEXICO’S Artist-in-Residence Program led by Angus Macpherson. The art was done by about thirty children, ages three to seventeen, during their cancer treatments this past year. It was recently installed on the south wall of the waiting room, which was funded by CCFNM during the construction of the Center.

The art is four feet by eight feet and is of a place “out of this world”. Some moon, around some ringed-planet, with a backdrop of some spiral galaxy.

2017 Erin’s Place Fountain Tile Painting

Children painted tiles which are displayed in a beautiful tile mosaic water fountain that graces the center of Erin’s Place Courtyard. Under Angus’ guidance, the children created a unique legacy piece.

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